Twinkle, twinkle, little yarn

I sometimes get asked to knit things for other people and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. This time though, this time it’s something special. I’ve been asked by a very special person to knit a shrug that is going to be worn at a very special occasion and I feel so honored that this special someone wants to wear something I’ve made on this occasion. I don’t have much time so even though it’s almost three months left till this occasion, I worry that I wont be able to finish. It’s black but I think this someone is the only person for whom I will ever agree to knit in black. Luckily there’s some twinkle in the yarn so I think it will be okay even though it’s a colorless knitting in March (which is rarely a good idea). I’ve made a swatch and I think I got gauge. Now it’s only a matter of casting on and start knitting. One row at a time.