It has come to my knowledge that not only is there a sock yarn sale at my local yarn store but they have also gotten new colors in Malabrigo sock and Rios. You understand what this means, right? I obviously need to go to the yarn store. I discussed this with Jenny earlier today. I mean, I do have some yarn already and more, I don’t have time to knit. But as Jenny pointed out, I don’t have any yarn there, there being work since that’s where we were. That’s true, all the yarn I had there were three black yarn balls and sure, they might look like the starry sky but they are still black.

Also, I deserve a treat for all the things I’ve been doing lately, proof reading a thesis, teaching a friend how to drive, helping people and all the while studying full time. Yes, I deserve some nice yarn. Now I only need to find time to go get it.

For good

It looks like Agnieszka has a type when it comes to lace knitting. She likes heavy yarn and simple lace with a rustic look. She even have a preference when it comes to decreases and even more so, I know about it from previous projects. Today wee are celebrating 16 years of friendship – that’s half my life – and I like that I am the knitting “providah”. I know all the important things that one should know after 16 years together and after about ten years of being that knitting provider.

I have cast on my black sparkly project and am now knitting rustic lace in heavy yarn, a very suitable activity for a 16th anniversary. She might be the only person for whom I would ever knit in black and she was kind enough to pick heavy yarn and sparkly features, she takes care of me and I take care of her. Because I know her, I’m changed for good and it actually looks like this project might not take until May after all.

Twinkle, twinkle, little yarn

I sometimes get asked to knit things for other people and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. This time though, this time it’s something special. I’ve been asked by a very special person to knit a shrug that is going to be worn at a very special occasion and I feel so honored that this special someone wants to wear something I’ve made on this occasion. I don’t have much time so even though it’s almost three months left till this occasion, I worry that I wont be able to finish. It’s black but I think this someone is the only person for whom I will ever agree to knit in black. Luckily there’s some twinkle in the yarn so I think it will be okay even though it’s a colorless knitting in March (which is rarely a good idea). I’ve made a swatch and I think I got gauge. Now it’s only a matter of casting on and start knitting. One row at a time.

Conquer the mountain?

I’ve recently talked about how my martial arts class, BodyCombat, has lately contained a lot of mountain climbers. Not only are they hard to do but the rest of the class has also been wearing on me. Just hard and no fun. Coincidentally my yarn is also called Mountain Climber which I find very ironic.

Yesterday I went to a BodyCombat class and the instructor had changed the choreography and brought back some old songs and all of a sudden it was fun again.I got to do the things I like and there were no mountain climbers in sight. It was a good and hard workout and I had fun all the way and I realized that’s how I like it best, no mountain climbers in my BodyCombat class but I’m fine with it in my project bag.