Today’s word is community in the #yarnlovechallenge I have many different communities, I think. The two biggest ones are the knitting community, a big one with friends all over the world through ravelry, as well as just a couple of blocks away, and the workout community, a more local community at my gym. I love them both in different ways. The knitting community helps, supports and enables in equal amounts, only just an internet connection or a text away. The workout community also helps and supports and in some ways also enables. It’s a trickier community to reach but they are still only a short walk away.

Community can mean so many different things and I think it’s different in different situations. And let’s not forget about the personal community, friends and family who can also be part of the other communities. Communities intersect and move in dynamic ways.

Best is to combine it all. Last night I got to drink wine and knit while talking about workouts with a dear friend. It was great and we also managed to watch the Swedish tryouts for the Eurovision Song Contest. Plus, she got a pair of handknit socks. A lovely combination!