This is turning into a feuilleton with these skeins. Today’s word in the #yarnlovechallenge is speed. Knitting can be fast but it can also be incredibly slow. One slow thing is winding yarn by hand which is why I love my ball winder so much and the balls turn out so pretty! And they work very well too. It adds speed to the process which is awesome.

I’ve managed to wind all three of yesterday’s skeins and I’ve also found out they are sport weight (I should have seen it coming) and might not have enough yarn. It might work out but it might also not work out. We’ll see. I also just noticed that I don’t know what colorway I have so it might be difficult to get more should I run out. I think I have Fog, Raspberry Smoothie and Mountain Climber (just my luck, mountain climbers, they seem to be everywhere right now (and speaking of today’s word, my speed is not very high when I do those types of mountain climbers)), but there is no way to know for sure. I’ll worry about that some other day though.