Currently making

Day three in the #yarnlovechallenge is Currently making. Well, that turned out a little more difficult than expected. My current project is an MKAL and I’m not supposed to show pictures of it. Instead I picked together a yarn combo that I’m contemplating. There is another MKAL – but here the yarn itself is not a secret – that I’m interested in, by a designer that I’ve been admiring for years but so far never made anything from, and I really want to join. I looked at the pattern today and thought about yarn in my stash and then I went stash diving and eventually came up with the two grays in the picture. I got them at the yarn festival a few months ago and I was sure I had gotten a third skein in pink but I couldn’t find it. Now, as I’ve said, my stash might be a little out of control right now but I didn’t think it could be that out of order. I even contemplated texting Christine to ask if my mind was playing me a trick, that I only thought I had bought a pink skein but never did. Then I remembered, I do have another hide out for yarn. The freezer! Yes, normally I only put yarn in the freezer for a week but now that the stash is a little all over the place, things have stayed in the freezer for a longer time. The skein was in the freezer and I think this combo would look really nice for this project.

Even if I don’t cast on I still consider this a “currently making”. I was making a yarn combo if nothing else, something that might come in handy later on, for future projects.