In search of motivation

As you mave have noticed there has been some lack of knitting here lately. Not only here but also in my life. I just have so many other things to do that I can’t relax enough to sit down and knit. Instead I write and read but most of all I study. I’ve tried to get motivated to knit and to blog but it wasn’t until I found this that my interest piqued. It’s the #yarnlovechallenge and I’m going to post one picture each day during the month of February.

Today’s theme is Introduction but hopefully by now you already know me a little, at least knitwise. Instead I will take the opportunity to mention that today’s is February 1st and I have been married for 18 months. A year ago I posted pictures of my wedding veil and so far in my knitting career that is the biggest, coolest item I’ve ever done. It’s also the project that has taken the longest time and also the one least used. I’ve used it once and that’s it. It’s not quantity that counts in cases like this though, it’s quality. (I’ve not worn the dress since either.)

I think it will be an interesting month ahead. Hopefully I get around to actually knit a bit too.