Today’s word is stripes in the #yarnlovechallenge When I first started knitting with variegated yarn I didn’t care if the socks looked alike or not. Then I read many knitting blogs and realized that I could easily make the sock look alike by just making sure to note where between colors I cast on and then pull out the yarn till I find the same place on the second sock.

It’s actually quite simple. Maybe the colors are off by a row or two but that’s fine, it’s not something you notice, and the result is great.

The best is when the yarn is very variegated but in a specific order, like the yarn in the pictures, then it’s easy to pick up where to start.

Not all yarn is as easy though. The other pair of socks was not as easy though. There was no method in the madness, so to speak, and I had to settle for socks that were siblings instead of twins.

That was a bit of a bummer but I still think they are very pretty. I like how they shift from dark to light depending on color. It was my first time with this yarn and I really liked it, I will use it again.

The blue socks were an experiment, I wanted to try another sock pattern for once. I must say, I didn’t like it very much. The socks turned out pretty enough but they are not Business casual. For the pink ones I went back to homebase and I felt much better. Ah, Business casual, let’s never part again!

Pattern: Prairie Spring by devonshire Knots. Yarn: Drops Fabel from Garnstudio, color 522 turquoise/blue. Mods: I did my usual heel and I re-did the pattern after picking upp stitches for the gusset, I didn’t understand the pattern so I pretty much winged it. On every row I added one stitchin one end I also decreased one at the other end.

Pattern: Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Zauberball Crazy from Schoppel-Wolle, color 2095 Indisch Rosa. No mods.


Today’s word is mistakes in the #yarnlovechallenge. I make a lot of knitting mistakes all the time but I’m also pretty good at fixing them. I’m also fairly good at shrugging and move along, I can live with some mistakes and I do and I’m not (very) bothered by them. I still remember the rush I got when I first realized how to fix mistakes without ripping out entire rows. It was amazing.

Some things are not possible to fix though. Sometimes an entire project is a mistake. Like the one above. It was just wrong.The yarn is delicious but I decided it didn’t work with the pattern, it needed to be in stockinette stitch and not reversed stockinette. I ripped it out and I’m not sorry. Some mistakes are easy to fix. I’m over it and I’ve moved on.



Today’s word is community in the #yarnlovechallenge I have many different communities, I think. The two biggest ones are the knitting community, a big one with friends all over the world through ravelry, as well as just a couple of blocks away, and the workout community, a more local community at my gym. I love them both in different ways. The knitting community helps, supports and enables in equal amounts, only just an internet connection or a text away. The workout community also helps and supports and in some ways also enables. It’s a trickier community to reach but they are still only a short walk away.

Community can mean so many different things and I think it’s different in different situations. And let’s not forget about the personal community, friends and family who can also be part of the other communities. Communities intersect and move in dynamic ways.

Best is to combine it all. Last night I got to drink wine and knit while talking about workouts with a dear friend. It was great and we also managed to watch the Swedish tryouts for the Eurovision Song Contest. Plus, she got a pair of handknit socks. A lovely combination!



This is turning into a feuilleton with these skeins. Today’s word in the #yarnlovechallenge is speed. Knitting can be fast but it can also be incredibly slow. One slow thing is winding yarn by hand which is why I love my ball winder so much and the balls turn out so pretty! And they work very well too. It adds speed to the process which is awesome.

I’ve managed to wind all three of yesterday’s skeins and I’ve also found out they are sport weight (I should have seen it coming) and might not have enough yarn. It might work out but it might also not work out. We’ll see. I also just noticed that I don’t know what colorway I have so it might be difficult to get more should I run out. I think I have Fog, Raspberry Smoothie and Mountain Climber (just my luck, mountain climbers, they seem to be everywhere right now (and speaking of today’s word, my speed is not very high when I do those types of mountain climbers)), but there is no way to know for sure. I’ll worry about that some other day though.

Currently making

Day three in the #yarnlovechallenge is Currently making. Well, that turned out a little more difficult than expected. My current project is an MKAL and I’m not supposed to show pictures of it. Instead I picked together a yarn combo that I’m contemplating. There is another MKAL – but here the yarn itself is not a secret – that I’m interested in, by a designer that I’ve been admiring for years but so far never made anything from, and I really want to join. I looked at the pattern today and thought about yarn in my stash and then I went stash diving and eventually came up with the two grays in the picture. I got them at the yarn festival a few months ago and I was sure I had gotten a third skein in pink but I couldn’t find it. Now, as I’ve said, my stash might be a little out of control right now but I didn’t think it could be that out of order. I even contemplated texting Christine to ask if my mind was playing me a trick, that I only thought I had bought a pink skein but never did. Then I remembered, I do have another hide out for yarn. The freezer! Yes, normally I only put yarn in the freezer for a week but now that the stash is a little all over the place, things have stayed in the freezer for a longer time. The skein was in the freezer and I think this combo would look really nice for this project.

Even if I don’t cast on I still consider this a “currently making”. I was making a yarn combo if nothing else, something that might come in handy later on, for future projects.



Today’s word in the #yarnlovechallenge is Close-up. Here is my close-up of a sock that I have finally gotten around to block. I’ve had things to block for three weeks at least and I haven’t gotten around to do it until tonight. I do have a lot more energy than I usually do this time of the year but somehow I’ve drawn the line at blocking. Just to be able to take this photo though, I blocked two pairs of socks tonight and that was partly why I decided to join the challenge, to motivate me to give my knitting some love. Tonight at least some items got some love and if we are really lucky I might also knit a row or two. We’ll see.

In search of motivation

As you mave have noticed there has been some lack of knitting here lately. Not only here but also in my life. I just have so many other things to do that I can’t relax enough to sit down and knit. Instead I write and read but most of all I study. I’ve tried to get motivated to knit and to blog but it wasn’t until I found this that my interest piqued. It’s the #yarnlovechallenge and I’m going to post one picture each day during the month of February.

Today’s theme is Introduction but hopefully by now you already know me a little, at least knitwise. Instead I will take the opportunity to mention that today’s is February 1st and I have been married for 18 months. A year ago I posted pictures of my wedding veil and so far in my knitting career that is the biggest, coolest item I’ve ever done. It’s also the project that has taken the longest time and also the one least used. I’ve used it once and that’s it. It’s not quantity that counts in cases like this though, it’s quality. (I’ve not worn the dress since either.)

I think it will be an interesting month ahead. Hopefully I get around to actually knit a bit too.