A lovely reminder

Back in November I got a surprise from a co-worker. She gave me a little parcel with two small skeins of yarn, purchased on a business trips. With the yarn came the intended project but without pattern. My co-worker had bought a shawl that she thought pretty and she wanted me and Jenny to have one each as well. Being the clever and sweet person that she is, she didn’t buy us shawls, she got us kits, which is so much better for a knitter. Now, this co-worker knows me because she got me the perfect color as well.

Now, I got this yarn kit two months ago, when my brain was gone and I was in the middle of the semester and some last Christmas gifts. This meant that the kit wasn’t really on the top of the brain pile, so to speak. Last night I finished the heel on the movie socks and I finished the second sleeve on the baby sweater which meant I didn’t have a to-go project. I brought a ball of sock yarn today, just to have something, but I didn’t get a chance to use it and when my co-worker came by my office today I suddenly knew what my next project would be. This lovely shawl was the obvious answer.

So, it’s a kit for a certain project but there is no pattern. Instead I’ve taken a brief look at my co-workers shawl and the saleslady had written the needle size on the ball band. So now I’m knitting and we’ll see how it turns out. Either way, the color is so delicious it will be pretty no matter what.

This is the fifth project I cast on this year and they’ve all been in various shades of pink. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. I’m not sure what that means but I’m certainly not objecting. A pink January followed by an equally pink February would be awesome!