BodyPump 100 – A smug post-work out post

I know this is a knitting blog but I’ve finished this week’s MKAL clue and I just have to tell you about the most important thing today. For months we’ve been working towards a certain goal. Today was the release of the 100th body pump choreography and our instructor has been drilling us for weeks and weeks with extra work outs just to hone our skills and technique.

It was a big event and we were nervous even though it was just a regular class. We had four instructors and the music was great, the choreography was fun and there was swag – a shoe bag and a water bottle, all with a logo. Yay!

I am super pleased with myself even though it actaully only was a regular work out with some special features. Who would have thought it could be this fun to lift weights? Now we’ll just keep doing the same thing for the next three months, but without features.

Three months towards an even stronger me.