You should never disregard your signature color

This time of the year color choices are essential. Blue is not a color for the months January to March and this year I’ve take that seriously. It all happened by chance actually but it seems I have no less than three pink projects going on the same time. First there is my current MKAL in a lovely shade of hot pink. I decided on the color back in October and I’m really enjoying it. Second I have my socks in different shades of pink. I picked pink since the socks are for my friend Emma and she also got a pink hat and a pink shawl this fall and she enjoyed that very much, she actually picked that color herself so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with pink socks (one can never go wrong with pink socks, that is one of the absolute truths in life). My latest project is a baby cardigan where I had the choice of picking gray with blue or gray with pink. Since it’s January I picked the pink one, and also because I thought that one the prettiest.

So here we are, three projects in pink. I like it. It also so happens that I’ve been planning on knitting pink for quite some time, doing a bit of a stash dash. I wouldn’t call it a yarn diet since I’ve never and will never believe in any diets what so ever, but space is limited in my stash right now and I’m sure there are many lovely yarns to come and it would be awesome if I can fit them. Hence, it’s okay if I use stash yarn. (I know I say that quite often in January but well, yeah, we’ll see.) For my three current projects only one uses stash yarn and that yarn was added recently (like September?). It still counts though, it’s stash yarn. I bought it to knit a baby sweater sometime if there were any babies coming up and well, there is one on the horizon and I’m using stash yarn. In pink. Let’s just hope the baby will like it as much as I do.