Time really is relative

My sock experiment continues well. It took me two hours and 40 minutes to reach the heel. I must say I apparentely knit much faster than I expected.

In three hours I had almost finished the heel flap. Unfortunately I forgot to look at the timer after I was done with the heel and the gusset and I also forgot to look after four hours but I have another sock that I can time as well.

The entire sock took 6 hours and 7 minutes to complete which was quite surprising. I had thought it would take me about 8 hours to knit a sock. This is a size 38 and that’s obviously nothing compared to a size 46, which is the size that most of the men in my family have. I might have to time another pair of socks as well, at least in my size, it feels a bit limited to know how much time a size 38 takes, since no one I knit for regularly has that size.

This should mean that a pair of socks takes 12 hours and a quarter which sounds like nothing when you know how much time a sweater takes (not that I’ve timed it but I know it takes more time than a pair of socks does) but still, think about it. 12 hours. That’s more than a working day. It’s a work day and a half. By that speed I should be able to finish three pairs of socks, i.e. a total of 6 socks, and get past the heel on a seventh sock in a work week. Since I do indeed do a lot of other things besides knitting during my week it’s quite impressing that I manage to squeeze so much knitting in. And to think I still find 6 hours quick!