One hour progress

I quite often get the question how long it takes me to knit something. I find it hard to answer. I am a fast knitter but more importantly, I am an efficient Knitter, I find knitting time pretty much everywhere. That means that if it takes three hours to knit a baby sock it will take me six days to knit a pair if I only knit for one hour each night. But I don’t, I throw in a quarter of an hour here, and a half hour there during the day and all of a sudden that pair is done in just two days or even less but it’s still the same amount of time.

The other day I was out drinking beer with some friends, friends who haven’t seen me knitting and therefore aren’t that aware of my obsession interest. I tried to explain it but it was hard, and the question came up, how long does it take to knit a shawl? Personally I find it irrelevant to know how long it takes to knit a shawl, not two shawls are alike and depending on the pattern and the size, it can take just about any amount of time. This is not easy to explain to a non-knitter though. Instead I estimated that it takes me 16 hours to knit a pair of socks and that’t what I said to my friends.

After I got home I started thinking though. Maybe I should actually time my sock knitting so that I have something to tell people when they ask? I had planned on a sock project for a while so why not take the opportunity? Today I cast on and the above progress represents one hour’s worth of knitting time. I probably should have picked a plain sock but I know the possibility of finishing will increase with a fun pattern. I took my regular one – Business Casual – one that I know well, and here we go. I’m very curious to how this will turn out.