Lack of daily knitting time

I’ve had a feeling lately that I’m not knitting as much as I think and this week has confirmed my suspicions. On New Year’s Eve I cast on the second sock in a pair and it wasn’t until tonight I actually finished it. That’s a week. A whole week. Not just any week either, a week off work. I have been writing on my paper (finished!) but that can’t be the whole explanation, I’ve done that before and still managed to knit a lot. It’s not like I have knit on a ot of other things either, no, it wasn’t until yesterday that I cast on something. I don’t know what’s happening, am I no longer a knitter? Or am I still tired with a somewhat absent brain? A few weeks is not enough to base to many conclusions on but if my knitting is suffering, that might be the reason why I’ve been so distracted lately, if the knitting isn’t working, nothing is working. I might have to look into this and make sure I get enough knitting every day. One can’t neglect for too long one’s need for daily knitting time.