Haven’t slept a night since 1994

It’s a new year and I don’t know how I know but I do know that this is the year we’ll make it happen. I think that every year. Or rather, I sing that every year. So far 2017 has brought me cookies, knitting, crêpes and tea and best friends. If today is any indication, this will be a good year. So far I haven’t slept at all in January but I have high hopes for the next few hours.

I don’t believe in New Year’ resolutions but we have picked two words to live by: brave and adorable, that’s me for the next days. My other possesion was given to me by Agnieszka. I will keep these words in mind during the next year. It was a lovely evening and it actually resultet in a few resolutions.

  1. Brave and  adorable
  2. Do not stress too much, it’s good to keep one’s brain intact
  3. Still enjoy working out
  4. To knit 12 bigger projects for myself
  5.  Learn to appreciate whiskey

This should be doable during this new year, right? Brave and adorable, that’ll be my mottom through that I can handle anything.

Happy New Year!