What month did you say it was?

Photo by Agnieszka.

I’m telling you, I do not have my sanity these days. I knew yesterday was the last day of November and I knew that after November comes December but it still came to me as a total surprise to find out that today is December 1st. I forgot the beginning of November and now I sort of forgot that it ends too. The month of sleeping is here and I’m not sure how I will attack that problem but I will. I have a wryneck (hello stress! luckily I also have a drawer full of woolen shawls) and today I forgot what the month following December is called. January. Where will this end?


To solve this insanity I will sleep more and knit (and I’m grateful don’t have to count my stitches anymore). Knitting is a perfect form of meditation all the same as productive. I made these wristwarmers for Agnieszka since she sneakily mentioned that the pattern was pretty and there was yarn which was all the incouragement I needed. Also I thought she could do with some cheering up and what could be more cheerful than handknits? Both to make them and to and have them. A perfect combination, stress release for me, warmth for her.


Pattern: Fountain Mitts by Andrea Jurgrau. Yarn: Drops Alpaca from Garnstudio, color 7815 green/turquoise. Mods: did one extra patternrepeat before starting the thumb gusset.