I wonder where it went


My brain is still not with me but we are a little bit closer to Christmas. I have project that needs to be stuffed and I was going to order some stuffing off the internet. I sent my order and after it was all done I looked at the information I had given and realized that instead of my street address, I had written my phone number at work. Because that seemed… reasonable, I guess. I sent an e-mail to the company and hopefully everything will be okay. If not I will have to find some other kind of stuffing, like rice or paper or something, but it won’t be the same at all. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that my stuffing gets here in time.

And also that my brain soon decides to come back from the holiday it thought well-timed to go on. It could at least have take me with it.

Well, at least some things are a wrap


Today I finally got a little Christmas feeling. I was wrapping gifts and with a lit candle next to me while eating Christmas flavored chocolate (I guess cinnamon is Christmas). Not everything is wrapped but everything brings me one step closer to that dream of sitting calmly knitting for me, or at least not knitting for Christmas, all of last week before Christmas (and for some reason I’ve decided that dream requires whiskey). But there are things to do before that happens. More wrapping, some last minute knitting, some things still need to be purchased and cards need to be written and sent. If I could take a turn with the vacuum cleaner that wouldn’t hurt either.

Also, I need to buy whiskey.

Two repeats


I am finally on the end lace of the last MKAL of the year. So far I’ve made two repeats of 17 so I guess this will take a while. I’m making progress though and that’s the most important. It’s a clever pattern and I like it a lot. The color worked better during fall than winter but there will be another fall soon enough, and the yarn is yummy!

What month did you say it was?

Photo by Agnieszka.

I’m telling you, I do not have my sanity these days. I knew yesterday was the last day of November and I knew that after November comes December but it still came to me as a total surprise to find out that today is December 1st. I forgot the beginning of November and now I sort of forgot that it ends too. The month of sleeping is here and I’m not sure how I will attack that problem but I will. I have a wryneck (hello stress! luckily I also have a drawer full of woolen shawls) and today I forgot what the month following December is called. January. Where will this end?


To solve this insanity I will sleep more and knit (and I’m grateful don’t have to count my stitches anymore). Knitting is a perfect form of meditation all the same as productive. I made these wristwarmers for Agnieszka since she sneakily mentioned that the pattern was pretty and there was yarn which was all the incouragement I needed. Also I thought she could do with some cheering up and what could be more cheerful than handknits? Both to make them and to and have them. A perfect combination, stress release for me, warmth for her.


Pattern: Fountain Mitts by Andrea Jurgrau. Yarn: Drops Alpaca from Garnstudio, color 7815 green/turquoise. Mods: did one extra patternrepeat before starting the thumb gusset.