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This is a sad story about about yarn and a lost brain. Or perhaps the other way around. Yesterday a new MKAL started at my LYS (local yarn store). Now I know I said I don’t need more yarn but I wanted the right yarn for the project so on Friday afternoon I went to said LYS to pick up yarn for the project (it was on sale). I had a lot of bags to carry and I tried to go on quickly with my errands. After the yarn store I went by Agnieszka’s to give her a well-deserved cupcake and after that I went on to my favorite coffee shop to get some pastries for a get-together that same evening. I left the coffee shop and 200 meters further down the side walk I noticed that my yarn bag was missing. I looked on the street but couldn’t see it so I went back to the coffee shop to, where I was sure I had left it. I was sure because I had actually looked for it while standing there and I can swear that I saw the plastic bag in my hand.

I went back and asked the staff if they had found a small bag of yarn. I had to repeat myself because they didn’t understand me and then it happened. They giggled. They giggled at the thought of someone carrying yarn and assured me they hadn’t seen anything of the like. I left, feeling sad at being laughed at and devastated that my yarn was gone. I hoped I had left it at Agnieszka’s (I know I had it when I was there) but she couldn’t find it either.


When I got home I found yarn in my mailbox. Not the missing yarn but other yarn that I had ordered. It’s very, very pretty yarn and I love it very much but I still can’t get over the fact that I lost yarn on my way home from the yarn store – I’m not sure where my brain is these days but as long as I have a functioning body I guess I should consider myself happy –¬†and that my yarn habit was laughed at.

The next morning I went back to the coffee shop but they still hadn’t found any yarn and to fix it all, especially the feeling of loss, I went back to the yarn store and got more yarn. So, the sum of the yarn is constant, it just turned out a little more expensive than I thought. Now I will be careful with my purchases until I know my brain is working properly again, aparently I can’t be trusted around yarn right now.