Bright lights in November


Every other year in November there is a light festival in my town. It really brightens up the dark on an otherwise often dark and rainy month. Some years have been excellent lightwise and some has been… not so good. This year the cathedral was the best installation where the towers were lit up in different colors. It has really been a sight this month and I’ve seen it almost every day. It’s been both scary and pretty. The bright red lights have been like evil eyes searching for you while other colors have been like little friends twinkling at you.


Another good one was this one. It’s bright, it’s light and it’s pretty. It caught you and kept you. It had something to do with busy people, if I remember correctly, and it spoke to me. Bright lights are key when we enter the last month of the year, to keep us going till winter solstice. November lights and Christmas lights. Maybe we should invent February lights as well?