I really should cast on another one, like, right now


This fall has seen the arrival of two new little friends and I tried to make them open to the wonders of woollies right from the beginning. (I actaully haven’t seen any of them wearing their woollies yet but I’m sure that’s just a question of time, the sweaters might be too big yet. If the babies themselves doesn’t like their woollies (now, why wouldn’t they?) they can always use them as dolls’ clothes when they get older).


I started with a green sweater. I had already decided very early on that I would go for DK weight. I’m all for fast projects this fall. I had some trouble finding a DK sweater pattern for a baby but in the end I did find a very pretty and useful one.


It was almost too quick a knit since I made the smallest size. Once I had finished the yoke and was ready to knit the body, the body was already finished. I just blinked and there it was. So weird. I really should make each friend another one for their first birthday, just to get a chance to actually get into the project before it’s done. On the other hand, by next year I will probably have found some other delicious project instead.


Since I made the smallest size I got a lot of left over yarn. So I got cheap. I’m not proud of it but it’s what happened.


For sweater number two I opted for a cheaper yarn that I had in my stash. I could have just used the leftover green but the recipient’s mother prefers red over green and since she is my friend and she’s the one who is going too look at the recipient in this sweater, I let her preferences guide me.


Getting cheap is not always the cheapest alternative and I got fairly punished for it. First I had to buy another ball of yarn because I ran out mid-sleeve.


Then I thought I was clever and started alternating balls to not show the difference in dye lots. I just forgot that a baby sleeve is not that big and it took me the entire sleeve of alternating balls Before the the first ball was finished. It was fiddly to say the least.


(I want to add that there is nothing wrong with this yarn, nothing at all, and I’ve knit in it before with excellent result. It’s just that my plan was something else from the beginning and I opted for a cheaper yarn.)


It’s obvious the knitting goddess wanted me to learn a lesson here. On the other hand, I still think my decision not to use the quite expensive yarn was… economic… and made sense. The red sweater is for a baby that I will meet quite often, I hope, and I will probably knit more in the years to come, this will most likely not be my only contribution to the wardrobe.


Now the baby doesn’t have to worry about getting this particular cardigan dirty and can spit up as much as necessary. It’s machine washable and baby won’t be able to wear it for that long anyway. These are all very valid points.


I still feel bad about being cheap though.


Pattern: Coming Home Cardigan by Aimee Alexander. Yarn for green cardigan: Comfy DK from Martin’s Lab, color Bull’s Eye. Yarn for red cardigan: Drops Lima from Garnstudio, color 3609 red. No mods.