Time to dive the stash


I have sorted out some knitting today. Vowen in ends (!), sewn labels¬†and bound off my shawl. Not only that but we have also taken pictures of finished objects. I was looking for some buttons and ended up in my yarn stash and I have to tell, and this is big for me, I do not need more yarn. I might want more and I might need something for a certain project but generally I do not NEED more yarn. I have a lot of yarn and even though I don’t believe in diets I’m almost seriously contemplating a yarn diet. The stash is growing and it has almost outgrown its’ designated storage space. The pinks flooded a while ago and now the blues and the greens are also out of control, not to mention the whites and grays. Something must be done.

The Christmas knitting is almost wrapped up (pun intended, or ironi, since I haven’t actually wrapped a single gift yet) and then I’m going into the stash.