We’re everywhere


One (of the many) thing(s) that I love about knittng is that you can find knitting allies pretty much everywhere. You never know who will look at you project bag and reveal that they also love knitting. It’s the best ice-breaker I know. I’ve met allies on the train, on almost every airplane I’ve ever entered, at the DMV, through the Internet and in person, in waiting rooms and on the street, at the office and at parties. I was once at a Starbucks in Japan, sitting alone at a table happily knitting away when I woman came up to me a and told me that she also knit and it was like finding a long lost friend even though we had never seen each other before. We didn’t really have a spoken language in common but we understood each other perfectly through the language of knitting.

I have gotten friends pretty much everywhere due to knitting and today it happened again. I took my car to the mechanic to change to winter tires (few things make me feel so much like an adult as taking the car to the mechanic). While he worked on the tires, and I believe very much in not looking over someone’s shoulder while they work (it stems from my days as a cleaner and I always disliked when someone stayed in their office while I tried to clean it), I sat down to knit (a wristwarmer). When the mechanic was done he saw me knitting and expressed interest in it. He asked if I make sweaters and hats too and I showed him the hat I was wearing. He told be it was very pretty and he was very impressed by it and we had a moment of mutal understanding, craftsman to crafts(wo)man.

It’s a craft that builds bridges and I simply love it!