Worthy enough?


Despite the huge yarn balls (I couldn’t even close my purse) I brought my knitting with me. I had promised Jannie I would bring a knitting project worthy of the occasion of her defending her thesis. I’m not sure it was worthy but it’s something I’ve been needing for some time and also something that I’ve wanted so in that case, it was worthy in the sense that it was an important knitting and not something cast on just because.


On the unworthy side we have the fact that my main color have had no less than four knots so far. That’s pretty scandalous and I’m not at all content. Four! I’ve never seen anything like it and the yarn wasn’t even that cheap. There is already a crazy amount of ends to weave in on this project and I don’t want any more. Definitely unworthy.


All in all though, you realize that you very much need the garment when you unknowingly keep matching it with your clothes. This blue and white striped shawl and me, we’re meant to be, and if that’s not worthy I don’t know what is.