Size doesn’t matter, right?


Since I’m stealth knitting a bit and since tomorrow I will be at an event where one or multiple people, who need to be kept in the dark at least until Christmas, will also be, I had to cast on something else. I don’t know about you but for me the first few rows of a new project are a bit trial and error. I need to look at it and get a feeling on how it will turn out and wether I like it or not. It took me a while to decide on this one. I’m not completely sure about the pattern, although it’s easy enough to memorize and that speaks for a to-go project, but the yarn was fairly cheap and I don’t mind using it for a project that might not get that much use. It looks promising though, I think it will turn out very big and warm and that might be all one wish for if the winter will continue the same way as it started.


The only thing that isn’t really according to plan is the size of the yarn balls. They are huge! I put a regular yarn ball next to them for reference. They won’t fit in any of my project bags so I might just have to put them straight in my purse tomorrow. At least I’m not likely to lose them, should the fact that they are attached to my project not be enough.