15 reasons to start a new project


I’m casting on and off a lot lately since this Christmas I’m all for the accessories. Since most of them are in heavy yarn with big needles I need to come up with new knitting ideas quite often. Finishing things really give me the urge, and need, to start new projects so I thought I would list a few good reasons to cast on something new. It’s not a complete list obviously but it ss what it is, a few good reasons to cast on. If you ever need an excuse, that is.

So here goes:

1. Because your previous knitting is done. Kind of an obvious one.

2. Because your previous knitting is boring. I’m not at all for the one-project-at-a-time idea.

3. Because your knitting is too big. It’s much trickier to try to fit a sweater than a sock into your purse.

4. Because you don’t want to finish your on-the-go knitting. You need that for when you are out and about, hence you cast on something new for your couch-knitting.

5. Because you heard that there will be a baby coming soon. Let go fo all your projects and immediately start a new one!

6. Because someone you love mentioned they were cold or in need of something knitted. Yes, this happens to me multiple times every year and since I want my loved ones to be warm, I knit.

7. Because someone say they love handknit socks. How can you resist?

8. Because you have to wait for something with your current project. You might need to get around to block it or weave in the ends or there is a tricky passage coming up and all your knitting time will be at the movies or at the bus or somewhere else where you can’t handle fiddly things, or because you await some quiet hours at home before you can get around to pass that tricky part.

9. Because you want to. Duh!

10. Beacuse you are knitting someone a gift and you are going to meet that person and there will be time to knit while meeting her/him. It’s not very stealth if they can see what you’re doing.

11: Because there is a change in temperature. If you are knitting something in wool and the temperature is raising, you might have to switch to cotton. Or the opposite.

12. Because you are sad. A new project might cheer you up.

13. Because someone else is sad. A new handknit item might cheer them up.

14. Because the color of your project doesn’t work with the weather. Never again beige in March, or blue in February, I’m just saying.

15. Because your stash is calling you and you can’t resist the call of your stash.