Never stopping with her head against the wind


It’s been a lovely November day and I was up early and took a walk in the sun to the gym. I realized how much I love sunny winter days. I’m comfortably warm – knitter here – the air is easy to breathe, it’s quiet and peaceful and in the mornings there are not many people out. I can listen to my music while walking at a brisk pace and I enjoy it very much. It’s a good time to use knitwear and also to realize what knitwear you might need. Right now I’m looking into a pair of legwarmers to complete my winter gear. Since I always wear a skirt or a dress I occasionally need stockings or leg warmers in the winter and I’ve never had the time to knit neither. I figure leg wamers might be quicker to knit than a pair of stockings. I’ve always associated legwarmers with 80’s dance movies so I’ll just go for a walk in the sun, listen to Maniac from Flashdance and just embrace my inner Jennifer Beals. I bet my legwarmers will be fancier than her’s though.