What was I thinking, jeans have no give

I’m running behind on NaKnitMo. I know I said I would take it easy, I have promised to do so, and I intend to do so, but one of the reasons I’m running behind is that I’m knitting a pair of wristwarmers. The other reason is that I’m not knitting much at all but at least I can do something about the former. This has been the fall of accessories, 16 things since August, and they go fast but they don’t contain a lot of stitches. Since most of them has been knit in the round there is also unnecessary time lost while I move from dpn to dpn. This I can do something about. I have almost finished the second to last pair of wristwarmers that I was planning on making and I think it’s time I get to cast on something bigger. A shawl is the answer. I have one in progress, the latest MKAL that has been sadly neglected for the past few weeks, and a few in pipeline. I have the yarn, I have the desire, I just don’t have the time, but for the few precious knitting moments I do have, I will knit on my shawls, that should at least up the amount of stitches, perhaps not enough to be on track but enough to make me feel like I’m doing my best in reaching the goal despite the circumstances, without losing my mind while doing so. Yep, good plan.