But I feel so safe right now, baby


Oh my, I have completely forgotten it’s November! I’ve been writing so much lately that I’ve been thinking of doing National Novel Writing Month but dismissed it due to lack of time. Instead I forgot about NaKnitMo. I remembered in time though and will count my stitches accordingly.

I chose a hot air balloon for my ticker because lately I’ve had this song stuck in my head. I won’t take it “higher than I’ve been before” though, in fact I’ve solemnly sworn to Agnieszka that this month my only goal will be to lower my expectations and that I will do. If I can’t reach this year’s goal, that will be fine. It will be. Honestly. (I’m still above average with the amount of projects this year so even if I only end up with two stitches in November (actually, now we’re talking challenge), 2016 is still a very good knitting year. (Have I mentioned that statistics and competing against myself are two of my biggest flaws? Those things that will eventually see me caught in the padded room where nice people in white coats are speaking softly to me while I keep counting stitches. I think the real goal here is to not end up in that room, I doubt they will provide me with yarn (and if they do I bet it’s acrylic).)

So yes, NaKnitMo is on but I’m taking it slow.