The camera does indeed lie sometimes


While me and Candide continue to go to the gym together I thought we could look at something else for a change, something pretty. Earlier this fall I made socks for a friend who doesn’t knit herself but fell in love with the yarn. Business casual was the obvious pattern.


A while later I had another yarn ball from the same brand with me as a back-up, when a friend saw it and thought it was super pretty. She looked at it and then looked at the ball band where you can see what the yarn looks like when it’s knit up and she decided that it looked prettier as a ball than as a sock. Judging only by the picture on the ball band I can’t disagree with her.


But it just so happens that that particular color is something I have knit before and I know how delicious those socks turned out. That’s why I got another yarn ball in the same color when I had the opportunity. I made these green socks, also Business Casual, last fall as a Christmas gift and it took all the determination I had not to keep them for myself (that and the fact that they were way too big for me).


It’s all in the pattern, I guess, but I can’t understand why one would put a picture of a not very nice sock on the ball band. Luckily I know better and I will continue to make these beautiful socks, for me and for my friends. Speaking of, I might need another pair.


Pattern: Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Opal Sweet and Spicy by Zwerger Garn, color 6750 Eiswaffel.

No thinking, just knitting


I know now how I managed to catch up my stitch count. It was my current project – Ängsblomma. A perfect example of what I was talking about before. No thinking, basically just stockinette stitch, and longer and longer rows. It’s finished in a few rows and then I will have to come up with a similar project. I have many shawls on my wish list so it shouldn’t be that hard to come up with something new. Famous last words, huh?

Halfway through


I have absolutely no idea how it happened but I am caught up. I have am halfway through and it’s November 15. The knitting goddess must look kindly at me right now because this I never thought. Wow!

I’m still hidden under a pile of books at the gym if you need me though. Maybe I’ve learned to knit in my sleep and that’s why I’m caught up. Interesting thought!

We must cultivate our garden


This is my life this week: studies and work out. Me and Candide will become the best of friends this week, at least that’s what he assures me. I have absolutely no idea how much knitting I will manage. I thought I was almost caught up with NaKnitMo and then today I found out I have so much more to do than I thought. So, my goal might be gone and I’ll try to be fine with that. If you need me I’ll be at the gym. Or hidden under a pile of books.

Worthy enough?


Despite the huge yarn balls (I couldn’t even close my purse) I brought my knitting with me. I had promised Jannie I would bring a knitting project worthy of the occasion of her defending her thesis. I’m not sure it was worthy but it’s something I’ve been needing for some time and also something that I’ve wanted so in that case, it was worthy in the sense that it was an important knitting and not something cast on just because.


On the unworthy side we have the fact that my main color have had no less than four knots so far. That’s pretty scandalous and I’m not at all content. Four! I’ve never seen anything like it and the yarn wasn’t even that cheap. There is already a crazy amount of ends to weave in on this project and I don’t want any more. Definitely unworthy.


All in all though, you realize that you very much need the garment when you unknowingly keep matching it with your clothes. This blue and white striped shawl and me, we’re meant to be, and if that’s not worthy I don’t know what is.

Size doesn’t matter, right?


Since I’m stealth knitting a bit and since tomorrow I will be at an event where one or multiple people, who need to be kept in the dark at least until Christmas, will also be, I had to cast on something else. I don’t know about you but for me the first few rows of a new project are a bit trial and error. I need to look at it and get a feeling on how it will turn out and wether I like it or not. It took me a while to decide on this one. I’m not completely sure about the pattern, although it’s easy enough to memorize and that speaks for a to-go project, but the yarn was fairly cheap and I don’t mind using it for a project that might not get that much use. It looks promising though, I think it will turn out very big and warm and that might be all one wish for if the winter will continue the same way as it started.


The only thing that isn’t really according to plan is the size of the yarn balls. They are huge! I put a regular yarn ball next to them for reference. They won’t fit in any of my project bags so I might just have to put them straight in my purse tomorrow. At least I’m not likely to lose them, should the fact that they are attached to my project not be enough.

15 reasons to start a new project


I’m casting on and off a lot lately since this Christmas I’m all for the accessories. Since most of them are in heavy yarn with big needles I need to come up with new knitting ideas quite often. Finishing things really give me the urge, and need, to start new projects so I thought I would list a few good reasons to cast on something new. It’s not a complete list obviously but it ss what it is, a few good reasons to cast on. If you ever need an excuse, that is.

So here goes:

1. Because your previous knitting is done. Kind of an obvious one.

2. Because your previous knitting is boring. I’m not at all for the one-project-at-a-time idea.

3. Because your knitting is too big. It’s much trickier to try to fit a sweater than a sock into your purse.

4. Because you don’t want to finish your on-the-go knitting. You need that for when you are out and about, hence you cast on something new for your couch-knitting.

5. Because you heard that there will be a baby coming soon. Let go fo all your projects and immediately start a new one!

6. Because someone you love mentioned they were cold or in need of something knitted. Yes, this happens to me multiple times every year and since I want my loved ones to be warm, I knit.

7. Because someone say they love handknit socks. How can you resist?

8. Because you have to wait for something with your current project. You might need to get around to block it or weave in the ends or there is a tricky passage coming up and all your knitting time will be at the movies or at the bus or somewhere else where you can’t handle fiddly things, or because you await some quiet hours at home before you can get around to pass that tricky part.

9. Because you want to. Duh!

10. Beacuse you are knitting someone a gift and you are going to meet that person and there will be time to knit while meeting her/him. It’s not very stealth if they can see what you’re doing.

11: Because there is a change in temperature. If you are knitting something in wool and the temperature is raising, you might have to switch to cotton. Or the opposite.

12. Because you are sad. A new project might cheer you up.

13. Because someone else is sad. A new handknit item might cheer them up.

14. Because the color of your project doesn’t work with the weather. Never again beige in March, or blue in February, I’m just saying.

15. Because your stash is calling you and you can’t resist the call of your stash.

Winter time


Winter is here. I’m not sure for how long but I’m going to enjoy is as long as I can. The snow is deep and I’m cozy in my knits. This is what winter is about, snow and coziness and knitting. And tea! It’s such a Christmas-y feeling outside and it feels perfect to sit comfortably and warm on the couch making Christmas gifts. I’m thinking of chocolate and hot apple cider and gingerbread cookies. I wouldn’t mind if this snow lasted till mid-March or something like that. I like the contrast in temperature between indoors and outdoors and since there hasn’t been any wind today, all the snow stays were it lands, on the trees and branches, bushes, roofs and lawns. And me, I turned into a snowman on my way home but that didn’t bother me one bit. Snow and knits, they just go hand in hand, don’t you think?



I seem to be completely drawn to blues and reds right now. Most of the yarn that came home with me from the crafts fair was in blue, white and red – a combination that really has me hooked this fall. This is why I today noticed how perfectly I matched my knitting. My shoes were red, my skirt denim, my needles blue and my yarn red. Even the color variations in the yarn was matching – blue. My sweater was blue, white and red. And I was sitting on a red couch. I didn’t plan it but I sure like it. I had the opportunity to knit quite a lot today which helped ease a lot of stress and I got to cast on a new project in green. I wonder what  will wear tomorrow to match that one?

Stitchless but not yarnless

Today is my birthday and I’ve had a great day from the moment I woke up. Now it’s time for bed and I’m exhausted but happy. I got so many greetings and gifts and chocolate and champagne and I didn’t manage to knit a single stitch. I did get yarn in the mail though. It was completely unrelated to my birthday but was a very happy surprise nontheless.

Now I’m going to crawl into bed and read my new book: Shut up, I’m counting. I’m sure it’s awesome!