What happens at the craft fair stays at the craft fair, right?


And so it was time for this year’s handcraft festival. I’ve gone twice before and both times has been great. This year I went with my friend Christine and we had a great time botanizing between all the different booths. Or as Christine put it, mutual enabling. It was awesome!


I almost exclusively got yarn but there were some other great things there as well.


I doubt I will ever start hand dyeing myself – way too sticky for me – but it’s fun to watch and see how they do it. And I’m happy just purchasing what other’s have dyed.


I love meeting all the people, all the vendors and designers. Be enabled and enabling others, someone saying “I like all those colors together” and you immediately realize that you obviously need all of them, it’s not like you’ll ever be able to choose anyway. Someone helping you finding the right contrasting color and someone else suggesting the perfect pattern. A change of mind and an accomodating dyer and all of a sudden your bag contains the perfect color combination for almost any project. I got all the colors on the palette, blue, green, red, yellow, pink, white, gray. No orange, no black, no purple but all the rest. I’m so excited to see what will come of it.

A vendor did comment on my many bags though which I find a bit weird, it’s not like I’m going to drive for more than an hour to a place where all the great yarn is and just look. This is the perfect place to see and look at the yarn from small companies far away in the country that I never have the chance to try out otherwise.


Oh well, at least the freezer is full.