The Project Wave


There is a funny thing about projects that if you start making one, others will follow. Yesterday I cast on my fifth hat this fall and before that I haven’t made a hat since January. In August I cast on my first pair of socks this year and now I’ve made three pairs. I quickly went through four pairs of wristwarmers between August and September and I have just made a fifth pair and have plans for at least three more. This summer I made one sweater, two tank tops and one cardigan, just like that. My single shawl in progress is horribly neglected right now but during the month of May I knit three big ones. Projects comes in lumps and it’s just impossible to break. I’ve started knitting hats that never got finished and now I’m almost done with the fifth in two months (no. 1-2 needs weaving in ends and some sewing, no. 3 is finished and no. 4 needs blocking). I’ve left socks and mitts and other things just because the time wasn’t right. I guess it’s a bit like surfing, once you find the perfect wave you can ride for quite some time but if the wave isn’t right then you’re going to fall (if you understand that I have never surfed in my life nor am I likely to do it, all my info about surfing comes from watching TV shows set in California and Florida so if my metaphore is bad, please forgive me). Baby sweaters have blown by and yet sometimes a single little newborn cardy feels like a huge knitting mountain that I will never be able to conquer, most likely because it was the wrong wave.

If you want a hat, now is the time to ask for one. The wave might be going a little while longer but eventually, like every wave, the knitting ones reach the shore and the ride is over, until the next project wave. I’m quite curious what the next one will be.