Sweets for my sweet


One of my favorite persons to knit for is my darling Agnieszka. I’ve said that before and it’s still true. She likes what I make and she always make sure she gets some use out of it. That makes me want to knit more for her but I don’t always have the time to make everything I suggest she should have. Yet she is always patient and never asks what has become of my idea, even when I have bought the yarn. Sometimes she has an urgent need of something and I love when she asks me to knit for her. Then there is always the process of deciding pattern and color which can be a challenge – something she wants to wear and something I want to knit – but so far we’ve always come to an agreement in the end.


A few weeks ago Agnieszka mentioned she needed a fall beret. I was delighted and we started looking into that. We decided on yarn and pattern and I cast on and I was going to bring the project on our trip. Then I realized I didn’t have the right needle size (how is that possible when I have so many needles?) and I didn’t have much time either but Agnieszka kindly agreed to go get me some needles. It was her first needle purchase so it was kind of a big deal. Needles quite literally in hand we went of on vacation.


I kept on knitting but it turned out that my double pointed needles (I actually prefer dpn’s for hats but we can talk about that in another post) were a tad short (I got wooden ones for the plane instead of the longer metallic ones) and it was soon clear that it wouldn’t work since the stitches kept falling off all the time. This beret is knit with a smaller needle size for the ribbing and a bigger size for the crown and I had passed the the ribbing but had brought that needle size as well, just in case. Those needles were the longer metallic kind so in the end I had to keep the beret on the thinner needles while knitting with the bigger one and as soon as I had worked the stitches on a needle I moved tchem back to the smaller needle to free up the bigger one and continue knitting. It was a tidious work and I was quite frustrated with it all but in the end the hat was finished and now that it’s been blocked and given to Agnieszka and I’ve had some days to recover I’m pretty much over it. It turned out pretty and matches Agnieszka’s jacket the way we had hoped and really, what more could you ask for?

Pattern: Spring Beret by Natalie Larson. Yarn: Drops Alpaca from Garnstudio, color 7815 green/turquoise mix. Knit with yarn held double. No mods.