A dancer’s barre


Some days I’m so grateful that I’m a knitter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always grateful I’ve found a hobby that I love and that I’ve found something as delicious as knitting. Some days though I’m extra grateful. Today I got some unexpected waiting time due to different circumstances and that waiting time was also unexpectedly nerve wracking. Luckily I had my knitting, an interesting pattern that helped me take my mind of things and I feel grateful that knitting give me such pleasure and such calm that it’s something I can use to take my mind of things and help ease the most difficult of times. With a knitting in my hand I can relax, I can calm my nerves and it helps me make sense of my surroundings. I’m grateful it’s portable and light so that I can bring it everywhere, it’s always forgiving (except when it’s not) and always, always welcoming. It’s something completely familiar and it gives me a sense of coming home. There is a line in the movie Center Stage (one of my favorites by the way) where the ballet teacher tells one of the dancers that No matter what happened in class, performance, last week, five minutes ago… if you come back here… you’ll be home. The ballet teacher points at the barre but that quote can just as easily work with knitting too. When things are rough (or happy), you can always pick up your needles and knit a few rows and you will always, always feel better. That is truly something to be grateful of.