Different stages of finished


Ah, vacation was such an easier time. No cares bigger than what the weather would be like and how many museums we would have time to visit. But now things are back to normal and I’ve spent the day catching up and preparing for the week to come, doing laundry, studying and so on. I’ve also tried to sort out the knitting. The beret from the trip is blocking and I realized I’ve used the wrong needles for the front of my slipover so I ripped it down to the cuff and will try to reknit it as soon as possible. My plan is to finish the pink socks tonight and for next week I hope to be able to attend to the things that I blocked earlier this week. So many knitting projects in different states of finished right now, I really need to take a day to just weave in ends, sew buttons and take pictures. Until then I will try to look the other way and continue to sort things out and finish the knitting part on my works and progress. It will be a busy week to come but I’ll try to take one day at a time. Luckily I can only knit on one thing at a time, it seems like all my projects require 5,5 mm needles and I can only find one set. At least I won’t risk having the wrong needles with me since all the projects require the same pair, that’s always something.