The best medicine


As I’ve mentioned before I have engaged in non-knitting compatible tasks lately. This together with the Huge Printer has meant that I don’t have much knitting time and not much space to block and during the few precious knitting moments I have, I haven’t really felt like weaving in ends or sewing buttons. When I can’t knit much and find a moment to actually knit, then that’s what I want to do, knit. Then this weekend happened and a glorious opportunity showed itself. My friend Annelie invited me over to look at her pattern book about mittens, a book I’ve been interested in for a while. We always have a great time together, me and Annelie, and I decided to not bring the slipover I’m making. Instead I brought things that needed to be fixed. I wove in ends on the MKAL I finished ages ago. I made the brim on a new hat so that I can change to bigger, wooden needles and I finished the sleeves on a baby sweater so that it’s ready for blocking. It all took me about five hours, five hours that would perhaps not have been boring but absolutely a little tidious if it had been only me on my couch doing the same thing. Now though, now those five hours flew by and all of a sudden it was after midnight. Some wine, some good tunes (Veronica Maggio and Taylor Swift) and a very good friend. I made huge progress and was able to tidy up a bit among my projects which was well needed, partly for my UFO pile but mainly for my sanity.

Thank you for a great time, Annelie! Let’s always weave in ends like this in the future.