They cannot control us, we will be victorious


Oh hello Stash! Did you miss me? I sure missed you. You are my darling and it was very inconventient with that great barrier in front of you, keeping me from you, but now we are finally together again, my darling, you and I. I want to say hello to each little skein and ball separately, I want to pat you and snuggle you (and maybe clean you up a little bit) and wind you and cast on everything. Did you notice you’ve gotten some new additions while we were separated? Do you like ’em? I knew you would, I do too. There are some more surprises in the freezer as well. I can tell from the way you are threatning to overflow that it’s time I cast on in pink, purple and green, just let me finish the gray and the yellow and the white first. You are such a considerate companion ad united we are a force to be reckoned with, our needles swish into a blur and off comes to most beautiful things. I did pick that red from you while you were hidden, it was tricky to reach and I’m sorry for the mess I made (my sincere appologies to the poor cotton ball that fell down behind the barrier). I will do better now. Please help me with that toddler hat I can’t get a grip on, I know you have just the thing for it. And Julle wants a hat, what do you suggest? There are so many hidden treasures within you that you are quite the cabinet of curiosities. I love that about you so much that  I might call you Stash of Augsburg from now on. You rarely ever fail me and you are more beautiful than anyone can ever imagine. To the tunes of Uprising by Muse, we will make the world warmer!

My dear Stash, let’s never part again.