What makes a sock?


There is enough yarn for a second sock! I had 113 grams and after the first sock I had about 83 grams left. That’s more than enough (and might also be eonugh for a pair of wristwarmers too). Now nothing can stop me (yeah, right!). I’ve been thinking a lot about socks lately. Second Sock Syndrome (SSS), how quick a sock is, how I can only knit socks in the fall and rarely in the spring. In the fall I almost never get SSS and to be honest, for me, if I manage to finish the first sock, then it’s not a big deal to also make the second. The hard part is to make the first. I have cast on plenty of socks that never even got to the heel flap but I don’t have a single project lying around where I have one sock done but not the second. (Sleeves on the other hand, sleeves are my nemesis. I always get stuck on the sleeves.) Since the first of my pretty pink socks is done I’m pretty sure there will be another and thus a pair.

Another thing about socks that I’ve been thinking about is how long it takes me to knit a plain sock. I should cast on one and just time how long it takes because it would be really interesting to know (also, people keep asking me and I would like to have a definite answer). Yarnharlot as mentioned is takes her eight hours to knit a sock and I know she is a fast knitter. I’m also fairly fast but I doubt I can make a sock faster than that. Since I like statistics though, it would be very interesting to know exactly how long it actually takes me. Hm, I should really cast on a pair of plan socks right now…