Cheated on a meter?


I’ve had trouble finding a worsted weight yarn that is not too expensive lately. My LYS does have a lot of DROPS yarns but not really one in worsted weight. The staff there is always helpful though and suggested knitting with a lighter yarn held double which has worked like a charm. I made wristwarmers that way and now this vest. I’ve just finished the first two balls. One would think that two balls of the same yarn would have the same lenght, give or take a decimeter or two, so I was quite surprised to find that one ball had more yarn by a whole meter. That felt a little ridiculous actually and not something anyone would ever have noticed unless they were knitting with strands from two balls at the same time. I wonder if this is the reason why I got so different results with my Pirate’s Cove shawls back in May, since the yarn I used for those were from the same company as this one? Sure, it could be unlucky circumstances that made one strand always closer to the needles and thus always getting the inner circle at each stitch but I really do think one ball actually contained one more meter yarn. I wonder if it was a meter more than the ball band stated or if I got cheated on a meter. Anyway, it only bothers me because I was so close to the end of my row when I ran out of the one ball and I would have gotten to the end of that row had the two balls been equally long. Since this is only a minor problem, everything should be fine in the end. It’s still interesting though.