At least a little something


This really isn’t my month. So much to do and my things hasn’t really gone my way. First I had a cold, then I hurt my knee and now I’ve gotten another cold. It’s no fun at all, I can’t do the things that I want and things that I have to do take twice as long. I have at least finished my pink socks and managed to block them so I guess that’s always something. One has to look at the bright side. I’m going to go hide under a blanket now.

Different stages of finished


Ah, vacation was such an easier time. No cares bigger than what the weather would be like and how many museums we would have time to visit. But now things are back to normal and I’ve spent the day catching up and preparing for the week to come, doing laundry, studying and so on. I’ve also tried to sort out the knitting. The beret from the trip is blocking and I realized I’ve used the wrong needles for the front of my slipover so I ripped it down to the cuff and will try to reknit it as soon as possible. My plan is to finish the pink socks tonight and for next week I hope to be able to attend to the things that I blocked earlier this week. So many knitting projects in different states of finished right now, I really need to take a day to just weave in ends, sew buttons and take pictures. Until then I will try to look the other way and continue to sort things out and finish the knitting part on my works and progress. It will be a busy week to come but I’ll try to take one day at a time. Luckily I can only knit on one thing at a time, it seems like all my projects require 5,5 mm needles and I can only find one set. At least I won’t risk having the wrong needles with me since all the projects require the same pair, that’s always something.

The wind in the palm trees


We’re back home again. We’ve switched palm trees, the Mediterranean sea and the Riviera to changing leaves and grey skies and everything that is everyday life. The three hours long plane ride helped make great progress to my second mitt and there are just a few rows left now. A hat and almost a full pair of mitts and the ocean, what a vacation. I’m spending the evening on the couch knitting and dreaming of breaking waves and wind ruffling the palm tree leaves.

The ocean blue

It’s been another rainy day and we’ve taking it easy apart from a gym class this morning. Some shopping, some knitting. I actually got a lot more knitting time than expected and a fingerless mitt is almost done. The other will get some attention on the plane tomorrow. We watched the ocean and it was very dramatic and very blue. I might have to knit something in its homage. We definitely have to come back because there are still things to do and see and eat and much, much more. But for now, how about that mitt.

Meditation in my purse

After a very rainy day where we spent quite some time at different art museums (we are in France after all), it was nice to sit down at a café and relax with some knitting and tea while our coats dried up a bit. As you can see it’s obviously necessary to match your knitting to the café decor and china. A few rows and a few sips and we were ready to move on. I really like that my way of relaxing can be brought in a purse and can be done anywhere, it would be much harder to do yoga in the middle of a museum or a coffee shop for example. It would be fun to try tough, I wonder how people would react?

It really fills the room


Lo and behold, the huge printer disappeared from the livingroom floor this weekend. I don’t care where it went I’m just happy to have it gone. To celebrate and to really reclaim and take ownership of my blocking space (and prevent the printer from coming back) I left my home yesterday with no less than six projects blocking. This is going to ease the itch coming from not finishing anything in a while and will make a huge difference. Things for friends, things for babies, boxes to tick off my list. It’s working its blocking magic while I rest my soul. I guess I’ll be weaving in ends when I come back home.



I’m going on a little trip for a few days. It will be lovely but, as so many times before, the usual question arises. What knitting shall I pack? Also as usual I might have exaggerated a little. It is Christmas soon and I have unrealistic hopes on what I have time to make in just five days. At first I planned on packing two hats, two pair of socks, a slipover and a pair of fingerless mitts. This might sound like a lot but I want it to be noted that the hats are on big needles and so are the mitts and one pair of socks is almost finished and all that is left on the slipover is half the front and that one is also on big needles. Then I made much more progress on the sock yesterday than I expected so there is so little left there is no point in bringing it. On top of that my packing didn’t allow for the slipver to come. Faced with these facts I decided not to make mitts on big needles but on small ones instead. That made for two hats, a pair of fingerless mitts and a pair of socks. In reality there is only the pair of socks that is going to slow me down notably but the new decision about the mitts will help to. The question is, is this enough? I think there might be a lot of knitting time ahead. There are plane rides and airport waitings and I also heard it might rain.

Maybe I need to add something else, an extra skein of sock yarn just in case?

The best medicine


As I’ve mentioned before I have engaged in non-knitting compatible tasks lately. This together with the Huge Printer has meant that I don’t have much knitting time and not much space to block and during the few precious knitting moments I have, I haven’t really felt like weaving in ends or sewing buttons. When I can’t knit much and find a moment to actually knit, then that’s what I want to do, knit. Then this weekend happened and a glorious opportunity showed itself. My friend Annelie invited me over to look at her pattern book about mittens, a book I’ve been interested in for a while. We always have a great time together, me and Annelie, and I decided to not bring the slipover I’m making. Instead I brought things that needed to be fixed. I wove in ends on the MKAL I finished ages ago. I made the brim on a new hat so that I can change to bigger, wooden needles and I finished the sleeves on a baby sweater so that it’s ready for blocking. It all took me about five hours, five hours that would perhaps not have been boring but absolutely a little tidious if it had been only me on my couch doing the same thing. Now though, now those five hours flew by and all of a sudden it was after midnight. Some wine, some good tunes (Veronica Maggio and Taylor Swift) and a very good friend. I made huge progress and was able to tidy up a bit among my projects which was well needed, partly for my UFO pile but mainly for my sanity.

Thank you for a great time, Annelie! Let’s always weave in ends like this in the future.

They cannot control us, we will be victorious


Oh hello Stash! Did you miss me? I sure missed you. You are my darling and it was very inconventient with that great barrier in front of you, keeping me from you, but now we are finally together again, my darling, you and I. I want to say hello to each little skein and ball separately, I want to pat you and snuggle you (and maybe clean you up a little bit) and wind you and cast on everything. Did you notice you’ve gotten some new additions while we were separated? Do you like ’em? I knew you would, I do too. There are some more surprises in the freezer as well. I can tell from the way you are threatning to overflow that it’s time I cast on in pink, purple and green, just let me finish the gray and the yellow and the white first. You are such a considerate companion ad united we are a force to be reckoned with, our needles swish into a blur and off comes to most beautiful things. I did pick that red from you while you were hidden, it was tricky to reach and I’m sorry for the mess I made (my sincere appologies to the poor cotton ball that fell down behind the barrier). I will do better now. Please help me with that toddler hat I can’t get a grip on, I know you have just the thing for it. And Julle wants a hat, what do you suggest? There are so many hidden treasures within you that you are quite the cabinet of curiosities. I love that about you so much that  I might call you Stash of Augsburg from now on. You rarely ever fail me and you are more beautiful than anyone can ever imagine. To the tunes of Uprising by Muse, we will make the world warmer!

My dear Stash, let’s never part again.

So well prepared


The weather is cooler now and there is definite need for a hat in the morning. Luckily, I finished one this summer. And if that wasn’t enough, I have a matching cowl and they both go together with my coat and, to top it all off, I have a skirt in the same fabric. Beat that if you can.


It all started with me searching for a new spring coat without any luck. Luckily I have a very talented mother who was able to make me a coat instead. This coat turned out very pretty and we also had enough fabric left for an equally pretty skirt. The buttons are amazing, and very popular among babies from what I can tell.


Since the coat wasn’t finished until end of spring I wasn’t able to wear it until a coat was only in the way when you walked out the door but while it was in the making I realized none of my cowls and scarves would match it.


So I searched and I looked and I found a hat an matching cowl and my stash provided me with the yarn and by the end of April I had a cowl. I cast on for the hat but other things tempted me and it wasn’t until July that I had a chance to finish it. The cowl though, the cowl I actaully wore during May since it not only goes well with my coat but also with my skirt. Matchy-matchy all over.


The hat turned out big but I have a lot of hair so that’s fine. Now I’m all kitted for the cooler fall weather to come. A coat, a cowl and a hat. Maybe I should have made mitts as well?


Pattern: Lotus cowl and Lotus hat by Ewelina Murach. Yarn: Botany Lace from Araucania, color the so very poetic 1653 Pt. Mods: I converted the hat from worsted weight to fingering weight and knit a few extra repeats of the pattern (like three more? Five?) since I wanted the hat more slouchy.