Whoever said beige couldn’t be pretty… need to think again


One of the best shawls this year (and there have, as always, been a few) is this one. I haven’t made a single decision on my own when it comes to this one, besides actually buying the kit, and as you can see, that was a good decision.


Beige is a difficult color but somehow, with this yarn, it’s the perfect shade. It’s neutral but still something you notice. It has character and is warm and very, very lovely.


It all started last spring when one of the yarn companies that I frequent, had a limited edition kit for this shawl. I had seen the pattern before but they way it was presented wasn’t really to my liking. This kit though changed everything. I had worked with the main yarn color in Agnieszka’s Vacillate and really liked it and now here was a kit almost entirely in this color. I had to have it. It was called Sentimental and everything about it was so cute and thought through.


There you go, that’s the only decision I made. I bought the kit. No color or yarn decisions or contemplating patterns. Nope, I bought the kit and then I knit it. And I’m really glad I did. The bottom lace took forever but the finished shawl looks so pretty. Works perfect to this fall’s love for navy blue and raspberry red.


Pattern: Moonlit Summer by Cindy Garland (although I keep calling it Moonlit Coast even though that’s something else entirely. I guess it’s the colors that prevent me from thinking of summer and also that I’m in this navy style period right now. Or just bad memory on my part). Yarn: Super Sport from Stunning String Studio, color Fields of Grain, Red Fez and Filigree. No mods.