All is well that ends well


Of course I wasted last night. Instead of knitting a single stitch I browsed through 74 pages (I’m not kidding) of sock patterns without finding anything to my taste and I went to bed in a bad mood. This morning I woke up and decided to just pick a pattern from the ones I had favorited and rejected the night before. I did so and I’m fairly happy with my choice. I worry I don’t have enough yarn but let’s see to that later.


For the baby sweater I looked at the yarn I had picked out before and… I got ungenerous. I was going to use the same pattern as with the green sweater, for a baby the same age, and as it turned out I only needed one ball of yarn instead of two, as I had planned for. Since I have two skeins of the yarn I initially intended for the new baby sweater a part of me thought it unwise to waste split the pair on a baby sweater that would only use up less than one skein. Another part of me looked at the color again, in daylight, realized it was rather pretty and remembered that the yarn was actually quite expensive and I selfishly decided not to give it up. It’s intended for me and no one else. Instead I found two balls of a much cheaper yarn and used those instead. I doubt the baby will care but yes, I feel ungenerous with my yarn. It’s my yarn though, it’s understandable (and I try to tell myself that I had gone with the original plan, no matter how pretty the color was, had I had only one skein instead of two. Yep, that’s what I had done. Unfortunately I had two skeins and you really shouldn’t split a pair, they are quite fond of each other from what I hear). I might have to make it up to the baby by knitting two sweaters instead of just the one though.

It’s also obvious my stash could benefit from more… bulk yarn instead of only the rare and pretty luxury ones that now inhabits it. I should really do something about that.