Navy blue, white and raspberry red


Every fall I get a little obsessed with a color. It doesn’t have to be a huge obession, although sometimes it is, and sometimes it comes to me quickly and other times it takes a while before the color shows itself. Over the years we’ve seen deep purple (2009), a warm orange (2010, I know, even I was surprised on that one), lion yellow (2011), bright red (2012), orange again but this time paired with lime green (2013), hot pink (2014) and purple again (2015).

This year it’s not so much a color as a color combination and a style. Navy. For some reason this fall navy blue is all I care about, combined with white stripes or polka dots and raspberry red. I’m weraing stripes and right now I think the navy style might be the most sophisticated ever. Paired with my new raspberry red glasses I feel very chic. (I had a lovely pair of raspberry red glasses before, I loved them deeply but they broke in 2010 and I had to get a new pair very quickly. It was actually quite traumatizing. The new ones were green and okay but that’s all it was, they were okay, and I truly missed my red ones. Of course the green ones never broke and this summer, six years after I bought them, I finally had enough, I was going back to my true self, back to raspberry red and once I did, it was like coming home. If I ever mention that I should get something else than raspberry red when it comes to glasses, please stop me.)

The irony in that I spent most of the 1990’s taunting my mum for her navy blue preferances is not lost on me (to my defence, she did not combine it with white, stripes, polka dots, and raspberry red. Also, I was 15 when the 1990’s ended and for most of that decade, my opinions were based on how much pink was in it. They still are, come to think of it (ey, raspberry red!)).

Since navy blue is a fairly new color to me, I don’t have many knit gaments to match. I’ve simply almost never knit in navy blue. We have the Beatrice shawl and the Color Affection (which works well with the theme but could do with a serious re-block). I do knit in blue but I rarely keep it for myself. Therefore I have started planning blue socks, shawls and wristwarmers. I need to look through the stash as well. Winter is coming and I want to be prepared.