Just a few rows here and there


It seems I haven’t had a proper knit night in forever. Just me and my couch and a good movie without any disturbances. I usually have a lot to do and now is no different but this time I have added quite a few things that absolutely cannot be combined with knitting. Instead it includes typing and driving and you really shouldn’t knit while you’re driving. This all means that the only knitting I’ve got done in the past days is a few rows on a sock. This has never happened to me before, not being able to find knitting time, and I’m not sure what to do. Since the printer is still in place I can’t even block the things that are finished and there is simply no progress anywhere (especially since I had to frog that pink sock). There has to be a change soon because, well, because I need my knitting to keep me sane. And what about the Christmas knitting if I can’t knit?

Right, I still have a few minutes to knit tonight and I’m going to make the best of it. Knit on!