As delicate as a rose


I spoke too soon. When my sock was almost done I did the fatal mistake of trying it on (or well, it was a mistake not to have tried it before) and I remembered why I don’t like lace socks. It feels weird with all those holes on my feet, somehow. Apart from that the sock was also a little too tight to pull over the heel (it worked but not as smoothly as I would have liked) and I’m not a fan of that either. Simply put, it just didn’t look nice and the yarn is way too lovely to be knit into socks that I’m not going to wear.

Instead I’ve browsed about 60 pages of sock patterns on Ravelry and I can’t find anything. Nothing screams my name, nothing wants to become my adorable Sugar Roses socks. It might be that I have quite some demands. The yarn is, as mentioned several times, lovely and I want to show it off, not hide it behind a busy pattern (did I mention the yarn is lovely?). Lace is not for my feet and intricate cables won’t show off the yarn as much as I hope. On the other hand, plain vanilla socks won’t add that little something extra. I want a delicate pattern, not too busy so that the yarn disappears but not too plain either so that the socks look unintresting. A pattern that makes me and everyone else look twice and think wow! A pattern that works in perfect harmony with the yarn where they complement each other (instead of working against each other). As it turns out, that’s not as easy as one would have thought. I want these socks to be elegant and delicate and cute at the same time because the yarn is worth it.

Sock patterns like that are hard to find. So I’ve come to understand. There is a lot of busy lace out there and very intricate cables. I’ve seen quite a lot of ribbing and surprisingly many pattern pictures in bad lighting. I will have to continue my search and, if nothing else works, I guess there is always Business Casual.