There were no delays


When I go to the movies, which sadly doesn’t happen that often, and if I bring candy or popcorn, I have a rule that I can’t start eat it until the movie has started. Not during commercials or trailers but when the actual movie begins. I know others who has the same rule and I know people who thinks it’s a stupid rule. I can’t tell when it started, it just feels right.

Yesterday we went away for the weekend and on Friday evening I prepared my travel knitting and I picked it up yesterday morning on my way to the airport and I felt that it might be the same as with the popcorn at the movies. The train to Stockholm pass the airport on its way and therefore it’s not really travelling until you are at the airport, since I go on that train quite often. The question is, is it okay to start your travel knitting already on the train to the airport? Since I did it it must be okay but it still felt a little wrong. I ‘m okay with starting it before I leave your home (you might need to swatch or change the needles or bring extra markers or something) but the train ride to the airport didn’t really feel like travelling, more like means to get to the actual travelling, if that makes sense.


I guess it felt wrong because I was worried I was under-yarned and I didn’t want to knit up too soon in case there would be delays and such and I would stand there with nice socks in my project bag but no knitting. As usual that didn’t happen, and I visited a yarn store later in the day and then all of a sudden I wasn’t under-yarned anymore, quite the opposite. Funny how that works.

I got a decent amount of knitting in this two day trip and on the train back from the airport I had a big piece of a sock with me. The leg was done, the heel was turned, the gusset was finished and half of the foot was knit. It was a good companion, on of the better I’ve had but I’m back to my original knittings, the ones before the travel knitting and since the trip is done, and my travel knitting will eventually become something else. Pretty soon, I hope, because those socks are yummy.

P.S. The huge printer did get my message but still hasn’t moved out.