Project no. 300


I recently discovered that I’m about to hit 300 created project pages on Ravelry. That means 300 projects since I joined in 2010 (August 18th if anyone asks). Of course I have knit a lot before then but none of those B-R (Before Ravelry) projects are as well documented as the ones cast on since. Not all projects have ended up on Ravelry either, mostly UFO’s that I abandoned before creating a project page and if they’re not on Ravelry, they obviously don’t exist (until I look in some project bag I haven’t used in a while and discover a poor little long since forgotten project). I haven’t finished all those 299 projects either, some are frogged, one is hibernating and there are some UFO’s as well, but I decided it was way too tricky to figure out how far away number 300 is (or if I’m already past it) if I only count finished projects so I’m going with what Ravelry tells me and I’m going with project pages. Most of those projects, about 97%, are finished anyway.

So, the question arises, what should my 300th project be? I feel it has to be something delicious since it’s sort of an anniversary, useful and with very nice yarn. It also, and this is essential, has to be for me (so that other baby sweater I have in pipeline will have to wait). This is the next project I cast on so there is not much time to plan.

Since I mostly make shawls it seems appropriate to make another one, it’s like my signature project almost, but then again, 300 is big and the project needs to show that. A sweater is possible, but will a sweater be pure pleasure from first to last stitch? Since delicious yarn is in the equation and I recently discovered the guinea-pig yarn (it’s not really made from guinea-pigs), it would be nice to use that but I only have one skein left and I think it’s best suited for socks and socks doesn’t seem… festive enough.

I might have to roam the stash a bit (it’s a more adventurous task than usual since there is bed wall built up against it right now) and look through my favorited patterns on Ravelry. Surely there is something to be found (it would be horrible if I had to end my knitting career now due to bad imagination). Any suggestions?