My Inner Knitter


I got so inspired yesterday that I kept on knitting on the (DK!) baby cardigan. The yoke is finished (yeah, top down cardigan) and I’ve moved on to the body. This is pure lust knitting, I have a nagging feeling I should be knitting something else, which is true, I should be knitting the petrol blue wristwarmers but instead I’m taking pleasure in this naughty knitting. If I were a person with a better character I would say to myself that I am not allowed to knit on the (DK!) baby cardigan until the wristwarmers are done, but there is a voice inside my head that keeps saying “I knit what I want!” and so far I haven’t been able to resist it. Others might have inner goddesses but I have an inner knitter.

My inner knitter tells me to do whatever I want as long as it contains yarn, to blow off comittments if they don’t include yarn or if I can’t combine them with knitting. She tells me to buy all the yarn I see, especially if it’s expensive (“Give it to me, I’m worth it!”), because she thinks she deserves it. She is the one that enables other knitters to do the same thing and she doesn’t listen to reason at all. She needs yarn, she deserves it, and she won’t shut up until she gets it. She casts on whatever she wants and she might finish or she might not, she doesn’t care as long as the knitting give her pleasure. She is the one that snorts when non-knitters ask ignorant questions and she refuses to answer. She sees knitting opportunity in every situations, no matter how inappropriate it is, and she is the one that will yell at you, should you take away her needles.

Opposite Inner Knitter is Mrs Reason. She is the one that points at the budget and speaks about economy when Inner Knitter laughs maniacally at all the yarn she is going to procure. She threatingly wiggles her right index finger when Inner Knitter wants to cast on fifty different projects in a week. She is the one who meaningly indicates the work-in-progress when Inner Knitter naughty knits on Fun-New-Project. Mrs Reason suggests using stash yarn when Inner Knitter has a tantrum about not having the right yarn for the project. Mrs Reason always has a nice and informative answer to every possible question about knitting from non-knitters. She tells Inner Knitter to go clean the project bags and sort the knitting needles when Inner Knitter would rather wind yarn and pouts about not being able to find the right needles for a project.

Neither me nor Inner Knitter are particularly fond of Mrs Boring Reason.

We’ll see who wins this fight, Mrs Boring Reason who says to finish petrol wristwarmer before anything else, or Inner Knitter who just wants to happily knit away on the (DK!) baby cardigan. It’s a fair fight I’m not at all sure about the outcome.