Always check the calculations


I should wind yarn for baby sweaters but I feel reluctant as it turned out to be very hard to find baby sweater patterns for DK yarn (I know, I was surprised too, suits me for being so smug over my own planning, having the yarn bought as early as July). I might have to wing it and invent the pattern myself but that requires time and I just want to cast on. In the future though, I will design a pattern for a DK baby sweater, I can’t be the only one with this problem. I imagine DK would be a wonderful yarn weight for baby sweaters, since sometimes you only have a few weeks notice before the baby is due and DK makes it much faster than fingering weight.


After I’d written the words above I started thinking. In mathematics you should always stop and consider whether or not you answer is plausible and if not, like if you have found the difference in height between to people to be closer to three meters, you should re-check your calculations. I try to live by this in real life as well, if someone tells you something that sounds crazy, always check the calculations. In this case it was just not possible that there were hardly any DK weight baby sweater patterns at all and even fewer that I liked, so I went back, checked my calculations and re-did the search. This time I came up with plenty of lovely patterns and once I’d settled for one, there was nothing stopping me from casting on.


There must be something a little wrong with me right now though, maybe I’m tired or have developed an inability to read properly, because not only did I miss all the good sweater patterns in my first (and second) search but despite several indications (the low number of stitches cast on, the placement of the button hole etc) it took me more rows than I care to admit to realize this is a top down sweater.