I love it how my mind works


Sometimes things just work out and thanks to a flash of genius that will hopefully make me the aunt of the year, I have eased a bit stress as well as moved one step closer to my goal of having all my Christmas gifts finished long before Christmas. I have managed to get quite a few hours of knitting time this weekend so far and I’m getting closer and closer to both finish the quick-deadline-knits as well as the get-the-yarn-out-of-my-house-knits. Tomorrow I hope to be able to cast on baby sweater no. 1. I have also been able to knit some on my sock-in-progress. The things I have not done, due to prioritizing knitting, is something I don’t want to think about right now. Now, another wristwarmer and some serious blocking and this knitting party will be right on track again. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is the end of this fall’s quick-deadline knits.