Why the rush?


The past few weeks I have delivered no less than three pairs of wristwarmers to co-workers with thumb pain. I don’t know what it is with my work but thumbs are not happy here but as a knitter I feel I have an obligation to help someone in need of wooly things. What I don’t understand though is why September is the month of rushed knits and knittings on short deadlines. It happened last year when I had to swing three pairs of wristwarmers and a baby sweater in no-time and this year it’s quite the same.


People all of a sudden mentions birthdays that are happening in a few days or babies that will arrive sooner than I would hope for (or worse, has already arrived). There simply seeems to be something about September. Maybe it’s because you now meet all the people you didn’t see during the summer, co-workers and friends that spent the summer elsewhere, and you discover pregnancies or sore thumbs and the likes of it. People who tell the most charming stories about how someone likes your knits and I don’t know about you but I cannot resist such flattering, if someone likes handknit, I will make sure they have handknits.


All these quick deadlines are getting to me a little though, especially since I can feel Christmas breathing down my neck and every new project that needs to be finished now will delay Christmas knitting yet a few days. I need to take control and I hope I can do that this weekend. Three pairs of wristwarmers are delivered, two other pairs are in pipeline (although, technically only one pair has a tight deadline, the other pair is only because I want the yarn out of my house the quicker the better and since someone else chose it I can’t really just throw it away (I know, it’s that bad)) and I have half a hat and half a sock done.

Ok, deep breath, let’s worry again after the weekend.

Pattern: Peekaboo Mitts by Abi Gregorio. Yarn: Drops Alpaca from Garnstudio, color 7238 dark olive. No mods but I knit with yarn held double to get gauge.