The relief that only a finished project can bring


Something that helps ease knitting stress is to finish something and deliver it to its intended recipient. That means it’s blocked and all ends are woven in and pictures have been taken. As a final step I upload the pictures to Ravelry and press the finished button. Then I can completely leave the project behind me and move on to other things. If I then happen to blog about it in close proximity it’s even better.


It’s both good and bad that this is the case. It’s bad because I can try to trick my mind by saying that blocking isn’t necessary or that I’m not as keen on the poject anyway so I don’t have to weave in the ends or that the pctures can wait, it’s fine, but no, this never works. Not until all the steps are done can I leave the poject. The good side of this is that it makes me really finish the poject and not leave it unfinished for (too) long. When a big project takes a long time and I know I’m no way near finished, I can cast on a small, simple project, finish it and still get that sense of closure even though my bigger project isn’t finished yet.


Right now I have so many projects in pipeline (be careful what you wish for, eh) that I have to, and I also really want to knit like the wind to finish all my works in progress so that I can cast on the new ones. At least we can now put this (very gorgeous) project out of mind and mark it as finished in the files.

Pattern: Fountain Mitts by Andrea Jurgrau. Yarn: Lanett Babyull Superwash from Sandnes garn, color 4517 Mörk cerise. Pattern is overly complicated and very expensive although the finised mitts are very cute.